Updated October 11, 2023

Updates for the Sage Digital ENDEC for users in Canada Canadian Flag

The current release for ENDECs in Canada is CA Rev95. This will update your ENDEC to comply with the Canadian National Public Alerting System's Common Look and Feel Recommendations (CLF) version 2.0. The release also adds support for newer versions of the HTTPS standard, a cleaner interface, and other usability features. For more information, see the release notes. If you have purchased CA Rev95, or if you are eligible for a free update, you can download the file from the download page.

Before Installing The Update
To install Rev95, your ENDEC must be running the Canadian version of the 89.27 firmware.
Your Version page should show:

After You Have Installed The Update
Once Rev95 has been installed, your Version page should show:

How To Get To The Version Page
Click the Version button on the lower left side of your ENDEC's web interface.

If your version page does not include 89.27, and Canada or "CAP Only", contact Trispec for assistance before attempting to install Rev95.

ENDECs that were purchased new from Canadian dealer stock after March 26, 2021 are eligible for a free update from 89-27 to CA Rev95. These are serial numbers in the range 418690 - B429999 All other users should contact Trispec for purchase details.

General notes on Sage ENDEC updates

If your ENDEC has a problem that you think can be fixed by reverting or reloading, please contact Trispec at sage.endec@trispec.com for assistance first.