Updates for the Sage Digital ENDEC for users in the United States United States Flag

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Current Firmware United States Flag (US version)

Updated Monday, July 25, 2016

National Location (000000) update

This update adds support for the new national location code (000000) and the new National Weather Service event codes: Extreme Wind Warning, Storm Surge Watch, and Storm Surge Warning. The update is required to keep your ENDEC in compliance with the Part 11 rules.

This release also includes the older updates to version 89, see the release notes for details. Install this release only if your ENDEC is currently using 89, 89-1, 89-2, 89-5, 89-6, 89-8, or 89-20. If your ENDEC has a version less than 89, you must first install version 89. If you one of the small number of users that have a special version 90 or 91, you also need to take action, see the release notes for details.

To find your current version number, use the version button on the ENDECís home page and check this line:

Board rev x/nn

nn must be one of the versions on the above list.

Read the release notes for additional details, then download and install the firmware, and download and install latest release of ENDECSetD.


Depending on your Windows installation, you may get a warning when you download or run the ENDECSetD installer. Various combinations of Windows 7 or 10, Chrome or Internet Explorer, and safe download programs will result in buttons you'll need to click to get through the installation.

Some of these are:

- Internet Explorer 11 -

1. Click the "download" link; if prompted, choose "Save".
2. After download completes, click the "View Downloads" button.
3. In the list that appears, right-click the ENDECSetD51.msi entry and choose "Run Anyway".

- Microsoft Edge (Windows 10) -

Follow the above steps as for IE 11. If the "Windows protected your PC" box appears, click the "More Info" link, then click the "Run Anyway" button.

- Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox -

Click the "download" link; once the download completes, simply run the downloaded file.

Version 89 - IPAWS support

Only install version 89 if your ENDEC has a major version less than 89. 

DO NOT install this software if the version on your ENDEC is newer. To check your version, use the "version" button on the lower left side of the ENDEC's web page. If you don't have one, install this update. If you do, check the "Board rev" number. It will be something like n/xx. Ignore the number before the slash. Look at the other number. If it is less than 89, you can install this update. If it is 89 or greater, do not install this update.

  1. Read the Release Notes. Please.
  2. You'll need version 2.30 of ENDECSETD. The release notes will tell you what to do with it.
  3. You will need the version 89 firmware file. The release notes will tell you what to do with it.
  4. Documentation for features added between the original release of the Digital ENDEC through the 1h74 release, can be found in the 1h74 Release Notes.
  5. Read the audio levels service bulletin to avoid sending flawed alerts. This includes alerts that sound like a mix of multiple alerts. The new release contains a tools button with a level button that will allow you to see if your levels are too high.

Prior Versions

Users in the United States must be running at least version 89-30 to meet the July 30, 2016 FCC Part 11 requirements. If you are running a version 88 or lower, install the version 89 release, then install the latest update, as described at the top of this page. If you are one of small number of users with verison 90 or 91, you will also need to install version 89-30, see the version 89-30 release notes for details.

Updates for the Sage Digital ENDEC for users in Canada Canadian Flag

There are currently no updates for the Canadian version of the Sage Digital ENDEC mode 3644. The ENDECSetD program for Canada is the same as the US version (though you will need to use the "mode" menu to set the EAS/CAP-CP mode to CAP-CP. ENDECSetD can be found on the PC Software page. Although ENDECSetD is the same, the firmware loaded into the ENDEC is different between the US and the Canadian version, an ENDEC with the US firmware will not work properly in Canada for NAAD and CAP-CP. Make sure you load the correct version of firmware updates for your country into your ENDEC.

There are currently no updates for the Canadian version of the Sage Digital ENDEC model 4644.